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Idioms & Phrases - W, Y, Z

Weal and woe (সুখ-দুঃখ) – I shall help you in your weal and woe.

Wear and tear (ব্যবহারজনিত ক্ষয়) – The Pyramids of Egypt have stood the wear and tear of centuries.

Why and wherefore (সমস্ত কারণ) – I know the why and wherefore of the matter.

Wash one’s dirty linen in public (ঘরের কেচ্ছা প্রকাশ করা) – We felt very annoyed as the brothers started washing their dirty linen in public.

Wild goose chase (পণ্ডশ্রম) – Please try to give up wild goose chase.

Walk on air (ভীষণ সুখী হওয়া – to extremely happy) – They walked on air after their marriage.

Watch out for (সতর্ক থাকা – be cautious) – He must watch out for his enemy.

Watery grave (সলিল সমাধি – to drown) – Tuhin met with a watery grave.

Weal and woe (সুখ-দুঃখ – ‍sorrow and happiness) – Human life is full of weal and woe.

Well and good (ভালো – that is fine) – If you want to go, well and good.

Well off (সচ্ছল – well to do) – They are well off to maintain their families.

Well up (দক্ষ – skilled) – He is well up in English.

White elephant (ব্যবসাপেক্ষ – a costly unprofitable undertaking or possession) – At last the department proved to be a white elephant.

Whoop it up (হৈ হুল্লোড় করে উপভোগ করা – to enjoy oneself in a livelyway) – Hasan’s friend really whooped it up at his stag night.

Widow’s mite (দরিদ্রের ক্ষুদ্র দান – small contribution of a poor man) – They insult as if I were given window’s mite.

Wild goose chase (পণ্ডশ্রম – ‍a futile pursuit) – He wasted all afternoon on a wild goose chase.

With a high/iron hand (দৃঢ়হস্তে – with authority, strictly) – Coming to power, the new government put down (দমন করা) the rebellion with a high/iron hand.

With a vengeance (রাগান্বিত হয়ে কিছু করা – with anger) – Nasir is building that fence with a vengeance.

With a view to (জন্যে – for) – He went to market with a view to buying a book.

With flying colours (বিজয় বা জয়ের সাথে – with success or victory) – He passed the examination with flying colours.

With one accord (একমত হয়ে – in agreement) – They supported me with one accord.

With one voice (সবাই এক সাথে, একবাক্যে – all together) – They accepted my proposal with one voice.

With open arms (সাদরে – enthusiastically) – I was received with open arms when I went there.

With regard to (বিবেচনায় – in consideration) – We should try to be self-reliant with regard to our food gains.

Within ear-short (শ্রবণশক্তির নাগালের মধ্যে – within one’s hearing) – As the teacher is not within the ear-shot of all the students in the class, he has to speak in a loud voice.

Without delay (অবিলম্বে – soon) – Finish the work without delay.

Word for word (অক্ষরে অক্ষরে – in the exact) – That’s precisely what he told me, word for word.

Work one’s fingers to the bone (চরম কঠোরভাবে চেষ্টা করা – to work extremely hard) – His mother worked her fingers to the bone to send him to university.

Worthwhile (উপযুক্ত বা উপযোগী – suitable) – His sincerity in this matter was worthwhile.

Year after year (বছরের পর বছর – for many years) – We have been living here year after year.

Year by year (বছর বছর – every year) – Fashions change year by year.

Year in year out (প্রতি বছর নিয়মিত – regularly each year) – They go India year in year out.

Yellow dog (হীনচেতা লোক – timid) – He is a yellow dog.

Yeoman’s service (অনবদ্য দান – powerful aid) – Sher-e-Bangla did Yeoman’s service for education.

Zealous of (আগ্রহী – interested in) – He is zealous of me.

Zero in on (সঠিকভাবে লক্ষ্য করা – to aim accurately for something or wants etc.) – The journalists zeroed in on the filmstar as she stepped off the plane.

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