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Idioms & Phrases - K, L

Keep the wolf from the door (ক্ষুধার জ্বালা মেটানো) – He had to work hard to keep the wolf from the door.

Keep aloof from (দূরে থাকা বা রাখা – to avoid, to keep off) – Mafi always keeps aloof from bad company.

Keep at (লেগে – to attach to) – Don’t leave your job, just keep at it.

Keep at arm’s length (দূরত্ব বজায় রাখা, ঘনিষ্ঠ না হওয়া - maintain a distance from, not to be close to) – I always keep a arm’s length from bad companions.

Keep body and soul together (কায়ক্লেশে জীবন ধারণ যারা – to keep in support oneself with difficulty) – A landless farmer is to work hard to keep his body and soul together in Bangladesh.

Keep company with (বন্ধুত্ব করা – to make friendship with) – Always keep company with naive people.

Keep in mind (স্মরণ রাখা – remember) – Keep it in mind that we have very little at hand.

Keep in the dark (না জানানো – to make or keep someone unknown or ignorant of, not to inform) – Everybody was kept in the dark about the matter.

Keep in with (সুসম্পর্ক বা বন্ধুত্ব বজায় রাখা – to maintain friendship) – I never keep in with immoral people.

Keep on (চালিয়ে যাওয়া – continue) – Keep on working hard and you will succeed.

Keep pace with (তাল মিলানো – keep up with) – I cannot keep pace with their society.

Keep up (বাহিরের ঠাট বজায় রাখা – cause things to appear satisfactory although they are not) – It is of no use if we only keep up appearances; we mush have to learn more and more.

Keep up with (তাল মিলিয়ে চলা – to go with someone or something) – You walk so fast that I can’t keep up with you.

Kick the bucket (মরে যাওয়া – die) – I don’t know when the old man kicked the bucket.

Kill time (সময় অপচয় করা – to waste time) – It is very difficult for the sailor to kill time in the lonely island.

Kiss and make up (ক্ষমা করে দেয়া এবং পুনরায় বন্ধু হওয়া – to forgive and be friends again) – They were very angry, but in the end, they kissed and made up.

Kiss the dust (নিহত হওয়া – to die) – Many people in Bangladesh are kissing the dust for liberty.

Kith and kin (জ্ঞাতি কুটুম – relatives) – The orphan was taken no care of by his kith and kin.

King’s ransom (মোটা অংকের টাকা – a very large amount of money) – She was wearing a diamond necklace which mush have been worth a king’s ransom.

Knock at the door (আসন্ন হওয়া – become imminent) – My examination is knocking at the door.

Know no bounds (সীমাহীন হওয়া – have no limit) – The suffering of the flood affected people knew no bounds.

Know-how (জ্ঞান ও দক্ষতা – knowledge and skill) – Mahfuz doesn’t have the know-how to mend the car.

Laughing stock (হাস্যাম্পদ) – He made himself the laughing stock of all by his foolish remark.

Lame excuse (গোঁড়া অজুহাত) – I cannot accept such lame excuse.

Loves and fishes (স্বার্থ, লাভ) – He cares only for the loves and fishes.

Lion’s share (মুখ্য অংশ) – the lion’s share of our profit goes to him.

Leave no stone unturned (চেষ্টার ত্রুটি না করা) – He left no stone unturned to gain his object.

Look down upon (ঘৃণা করা) – Don’t look down upon the poor.

Life and soul (জীবন সঞ্চারক ব্যক্তি) – Justice Shahabuddin is in the life and soul of present government.

Loss the day (পরাজিত হওয়া) – Mohammedan club lost the day in the final match with Muktijhodda.

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