Idioms & Phrases - A

ABC (প্রাথমিক জ্ঞান) – He has no ABC in English.

A trying time (দুঃসময়) – He had a very trying time in life.

A black sheep (কুলাঙ্গার) – He is a black sheep.

A black look (রক্ত চক্ষু) – He cast a black look at me.

A bee in one's bonnet (পাগলাটে ভাব) – That crazy man surely has a bee in his bonnet.

A bad egg (দুশ্চরিত্র) – All hate him because of his being a bad egg.

A bird of passage (ভ্রাম্যমান ব্যক্তি) – A gypsy is a bird of passage.

A fish out of water (অস্বস্তিকর পরিবেশ) – Coming from a village he feels like a fish out of water in the town.

A jail bird (দাগি আসামি) – A jail bird like Majid is never afraid of being arrested.

At home with (স্বাচ্ছন্দ্য / পূর্ব পরিচিতের মত) – I don’t feel at home with him. / Neela did not feel at home with the stranger.

A bed of roses (ফুলশয্যা) – Life is not a bed of roses.

A bed of thorns (কন্টকশয্যা) – Life is a bed of thorns. 

A far cry (প্রায় অসম্ভব / অনেক ব্যবধান) – Once it was a far cry to reach Australia. / It is a far cry from Dhaka to London.

At stake (বিপদে) – My life is at stake now.

As a matter of fact (কার্যত) – As a matter of fact she is helpless at this moment.

Apple of one’s eye (নয়নের মণি) – He is the apple of his mother’s eye.

At long last (শেষ পর্যন্ত) – He came here at long last.

At father in one’s cap (গৌরব/সম্মান লাভ) – The gentleman possesses a father in his cap.

At per (সমমানের) – This camera is at per with the one from America.

A man of straw (বাজে লোক) – He is a man of straw, I don’t care for him.

Against one’s grain (স্বভাব বিরুদ্ধ) – To seek any undue favour from anybody is against my grain.

As like as two pear in a pod (একই বৃন্তে দুটি ফুল, একেবারে একরকম) – The two sisters is as like as two pears in a pod.

At a discount (অনাদৃত) – Female education is still at a discount in some parts of our country.

At a low ebb (ভাটিমুখে / স্তিমিত) – His popularity is at a low ebb. / His popularity is at a low ebb for his misconduct.

Idioms and Phrases

At arm’s length (দূরে থাকা) – He keeps me at arm’s length. / Keep had company arm's length.

At cross purpose (ভুল বুঝাবুঝির ফলে) – They are arguing at cross purpose.

At one’s finger-ends/finger-tips (নখদর্পণ) – He has his lessons at his finger-ends. / The knowledge of tense should be at your finger-ends. / Your statement is at my finger-ends.

At sixes and sevens (হ-য-ব-র-ল / এলোমেলো) – Everything is at sixes and sevens here. / The books are at sixes and sevens on the table.

At the end of one’s father (ক্ষমতা বা আয়ের শেষ সীমায়) – He is at the end of his father by spending lavishly.

At the first blush (প্রথম দর্শনে) – The scheme appears worthless at the first blush.

As the crow flies (সোজাসুজি) – His house is 5 km from the station as the crow flies. / It is about two-three miles from Dhaka to Khulna as the crow flies.

Add fuel to the fire (অগ্নিতে ঘৃতাহুতি) – The news will add fuel to the fire of his anger.

Add insult to injury (মরার ওপর খাড়ার ঘা) – If you knock down a man and then call him a fool you are just adding insult to injury.

A jot or little (কণামাত্র) – I shall not give up a jot or little of my right.

Above all (প্রধানত) – Above all, he is a good man.

According to (অনুসারে) – He acted according to my plan.

A close-fisted man (কৃপণ) – I hate a close-fisted man.

A foregone conclusion (পূর্বেই অনুমিত ফল) – That he will not do well in the examination was a foregone conclusion.

A fool's paradise (বোকা/ মুর্খের স্বর্গ) – If you hope that you will do good in the examination without any effort, you are living in a fool's paradise.

A gala day (আনন্দের দিন) – People enjoy much on a gala day.

A going concern (লাভজনক প্রতিষ্ঠান বা ব্যবসা) – His dairy farm is a going concern for him.

A household word (অতি পরিচিত) – Sher-e-Bangla is a household word in Bangladesh.

A hard nut to crack (কঠিন সমস্যা) – Over-population is a hard nut to crack for Bangladesh.

A jaundiced eye (বিদ্বেষভরা চোখ বা মন) – A judge should not have a jaundiced eye.

A laughing stock (হাস্যকর ব্যাপার বা ব্যক্তি) – A fool is a laughing stock.

A lot (প্রচুর পরিমাণে) – He earns a lot for all.

All in all (সর্বেসর্বা) – He is all in all in the family.

All of (on) a sudden (হঠাৎ) – He entered my room all on a sudden.

After all (মোটের উপর) – After all, he is a nice man.

All along (সব সময়) – All along I was present in the meeting.

As if (যেন) – He speaks as if he knew everything.

At all (আদৌ) – He does not read at all.

At home (দক্ষ) – He is at home in English

At home (আরাম) – I do not feel at home in a new place.

At length (অবশেষে) – He came to the meeting at length.

At least (কম পক্ষে) – At least five thousand people were present at the meeting.

At one's wit's end (হত বুদ্ধি) – I am at my wit's end what to do.

At large (স্বাধীন) – Birds fly at large in the sky.

At last (অবশেষে) – At last God took pity on him.

At variance with (সামঞ্জস্যহীন) – His works were at variance with his words.

A man of letters (পন্ডিত ব্যক্তি) – Dr Sahidullah was a man of letters.

At a glance (এক নজরে) – I have read the news at a glance. / I looked over the paper at a glance.

At the top of (উচ্চস্বরে) – He shouted at the top of his voice.

At random (উদ্দেশ্য বিহীন ভাবে) – He talks at random.

At the eleventh hour (শেষ মুহূর্তে) – He came to see his ailing father at the eleventh hour.

All and sundry (সকলেই) – The principal loves all and sundry.

All the same (একই) – It is all the same to me whether you come or not.

Apple of discord (বিবাদের বিষয়) – The land is the apple of discord between the two brothers.

As to (সম্পর্কে) – I know nothing as to the boy.

As well as (এবং) – He as well as his friend came to the meeting.

As soon as (যত তাড়াতাড়ি সম্ভব) – I shall come back as soon as I can.

As regards (সম্পর্কে) – As regards him I know nothing.

At a deadlock (অচলাবস্থা) – At present, our telephone is at a deadlock.

At long last (অবশেষে / শেষ পর্যন্ত) – At long last he supported me.

At a stretch (একটানা) – I can walk five miles at a stretch.

A man in the street (সাধারণ ব্যক্তি) – Caliph Omar (R) used to live like a man in the street.

A man of word (এক কথার মানুষ) – Sher e-Bangla was a man of his word.

A man of parts (গুণান্বিত ব্যক্তি) – Everybody likes is a man of parts.

A means of (মাধ্যম) – Language is not the only means of communication

A narrow escape (অল্পের জন্য বেঁচে যাওয়া) – We had a narrow escape from a serious accident.

A rainy day (দুর্দিন) – We should save something against a rainy day.

A sleeping partner (অর্থ প্রদানকারী নিষ্ক্রিয় অংশীদার) – None wants to run business with a sleeping partner.

A sharp look-out (সতর্ক নজর) – The police are keeping a sharp look-out for the most wanted criminals.

A slow coach (অলস ব্যক্তি) – A slow coach like him will never prosper in life.

A square meal (ভরপেট আহার) – The poor people cannot afford a square meal every day. 

A white lie (ডাহা মিথ্যা) – Whatever Jerry said about his having a mother was nothing but a white lie.

A white elephant (গরীবের হাতী পোষার মত ব্যয়সাধ্য) – The new project is so costly that it has become a white elephant for the government.

An open question (বিতর্কের বিষয়) – Bribery is an open question among the common people.

An irony of fate (ভাগ্যের পরিহাস) – It was an irony of fate that the brilliant boy failed in the examination.

Above criticism (সমালোচনার উর্ধ্বে) – A virtuous man is above criticism.

Above ground (জীবিত অবস্থায়) – We do not like to value the great ground.

Above one's station (যোগ্যতার উর্ধ্বে) – However qualified he might be, the post is above his station. 

Above board (ভদ্র) – Everybody likes him for his being smart and above board.

Above one's means (আয়ের অধিক ব্যয়) – We should not spend money above our means.

Acid test (অগ্নিপরীক্ষা) – Patriotic feelings are put to an acid test during a national crisis.

According as (অনুরূপ) – The officer ordered the soldier to act according as he had been instructed.

Act of (কাজ) – Transport means the act of carrying one thing from one place to another.

After one's heart (মনের মত) – The shirt is after my heart.

Again and again (বার বার) – The teacher advised the students again and again to be serious in their studies.

Against the grain (অনিচ্ছা সত্ত্বেও) – I agreed to do the work against the grain.

Arm in arm (কাঁধে কাঁধে মিলিয়ে) – Now men nad women work arm in arm..

Art and part (অংশগ্রহণ) – He has no art and part in my scheme of founding a hospital.

Apart from (এছাড়া) – Apart from books and pens a student needs many other things.

Apple of one's eye (নয়নের মনি) – He is the apple of his mother's eye.

Anything but (আর যাই হোক ওরকম মোটেই নয়) – With so many problems around, life is anything but a bed of roses.

Aware of (সচেতন) – He is aware of the fact.

All but (প্রায়) – He spent money lavishly now he is all but ruined.

All ears (গভীর মনোযোগী) – I am all ears to my parents' advice.

All the year-round (সারা বছর ধরে) – The poor suffer all the year-round.

All agog (উৎসুক) – They were all agog to have a glimpse of the hero.

All at once (হঠাৎ) – All at once he entered my room.

All over (সর্বত্র) – His fame spread all over.

All over with (সবশেষ হওয়া) – There is no need to call in a doctor, it is all over with the patient.

All one (একই কথা) – It is all one to me whether you read or not.

All the while (সারাক্ষণ) – He reads all the while.

All the better (আরও ভাল) – I do not mind if you come, but if you don't, it is all the better.

All attention (অতি মনোযোগের সাথে) – Students should be all attention in the classroom.

All moonshine (বাজে) – What he says is all moonshine.

All-out efforts (যথাসম্ভব) – We should make all-out efforts to increase the food production.

And the like (ঐ জাতীয়) – We realise the importance of education when we face population problems, food problems and the like.

As the crow flies (সোজা পথে) – It is about two-three miles from Dhaka to Khulna as the crow flies.

As it were (যেন) – The sun is, as it were, the lamp of the earth.

As the case may be (অবস্থা অনুযায়ী) – Please do the needful as the case may be.

As usual (বরাবরের মত) – He goes to bed at 10 pm as usual.

As a whole (মোটের উপর) – As a whole, he seems to be a modest man.    

As a rule (সাধারণত) – As a rule, I go to bed at 10 pm.

As ill-luck would have it (দুর্ভাগ্যবশত) – He tried his best but, as ill-luck would have it, failed once again.

As a matter of fact (প্রকৃতপক্ষে / কার্যত) – As a matter of fact, he is quite innocent. / As a matter of fact she is helpless at this moment.

As a result of (ফলে) – He could not pass the examination as a result of his laziness.

As in duty bound (অধীন) – He is your boss and you, as in duty bound, should be respectful to him.

As well (ও) – You may as well come with me.

As such (অতএব) – I was poor and as such I could not receive education.

As for (বিষয়ে) – As for myself, I do not agree with your proposal.

As long as (যতক্ষণ পর্যন্ত) – Please wait for me as long as I do not return.

As far as (পর্যন্ত) – You can go with me as far as you wish.

As far as possible (যতদূর সম্ভব) – I shall help you as far as possible.

As good as (একই রূপ) – This is as good as new.

As many as (শেষ সংখ্যক) – You can eat mangoes as many as you can.

As much as (যতদূর সম্ভব) – We should plant trees as much as we can.

As ever (আগের মতই) – Although he is in his fifties, he looks as young as ever.

As though (মনে হয় যেন) – He talks as though he were a fool.

As yet (এখন পর্যন্ত) – The result has not been published as yet.

At a stone's throw (অধিক দূরে নয়) – My college is at a stone's throw from my house.

At length (বিস্তারিত) – The matter was discussed at length in the meeting.

At length (অনেক পরে) – At length he made up his mind to go abroad.

At first hand (প্রথম) – I was aware of this matter at first hand.

At large (সর্বস্তরের লোকজন) – People at large accorded the leader a hearty welcome.

At large (সর্বত্র) – We gain knowledge from our family, the society and the whole world at large.

At daggers drawn (দা–কুমড়ো সম্পর্ক / সাপেনেউলে / আদায়-কাঁচকলায়
) – The two families are at daggers over the boundary wall. / At present the two brothers are at daggers drawn.

At stake (বিপদাপন্ন) – Now his life is at stake.

At bay (শান্ত) – The sea is now at bay.

At bay (কোণঠাসা অবস্থা) – The freedom fighters put the occupation force at bay.

At once (সঙ্গে সঙ্গে) – He left the place at once.

At the bottom of (মূলে) – He was at the bottom of the foundation of the hospital.

At one (একমত) – I am at one with you about this matter.

At ease (অনায়াসে) – He can do any hard work at ease.

At bottom (লক্ষ্যহীনভাবে) – Mohsin was, at bottom, kind and generous.

At most (একই সঙ্গে) – His monthly income is at most two thousand taka.

At present (খুব বেশি হলে) – At present, I am keeping fine.

At best (বড় জোর) – I can lend you the book at best for a week.

At first (বড় জোর) – At first I take my salam.

At times (শুরুতে) – At times he visits me.

At the latest (মাঝে মাঝে) – I shall return by Sunday at the latest.

At the outset (গোড়াতেই) – At the very outset of the letter take my salam.

At rest (শান্ত) – The storm has abated and the sea is now at rest.

At a breath (এক দমে) – I can run five miles at a breath.

At all costs (যত ক্ষতিই হোক না কেন) – At all costs, I shall help you.

At a snail's pace (শম্ভুকগতি) – You will surely miss the train if you walk at a snail's pace.

At a round rate (নির্ধারিত মূল্য) – They sell books at a round rate.

At war with (যুদ্ধরত) – The two brothers at war with one another.

At a low ebb (স্তিমিত) – His popularity is at a low ebb for his misconduct.

In the dead of night (নিশীথ রাতে) – Caliph Omar (R) used to walk about in the dead of night.

At a deadlock (অচলাবস্থা) – Production at this factory has been at a deadlock following labour unrest.

At the height of (শিখরে) – Akbar was at the height of his popularity during his rule.

At the foot of (পাদদেশে) – He lives at the foot of the hill.

At the head of (অগ্রভাগে) – The president took his seat at the head of the table.

In the heat of the moment (উত্তেজনার মুখে) – We should not do anything in the heat of the moment.

At boiling point (প্রচন্ড ক্রোধ) – The teacher was at boiling point at the rough behabiour of his students.

At one's back and call (ডাকলেই সাড়া পাওয়া যায়) – A flatterer is always at his boss's beck and call.

At one's sweet will (নিজের ইচ্ছামত) – In the society we cannot do everything at our sweet will.

At one's expense (অন্যের ক্ষতি করে) – Instead of having just the lady guest had a heavy meal at the writer's expense.

At one's elbow (হাতের কাছে) – The boss had his assistant at elbow.

At one's heels (পায়ে পায়ে) – The police followed the criminal at his heels.

At one's best (সবচেয়ে ভাল অবস্থা) – Sher-e-Bangla was at his best in his politics.

At any cost (যেভাবেই হোক) – At any cost I shall help you.

At any rate (অন্ততঃপক্ষে) – At any rate I shall lend you Tk. 5000.

At a glance (এক নজরে) – He read the story at a glance.

At a gallop (ঝেড়ে দৌড় বা প্রচন্ডবেগে) – He rode his horse at a gallop.

At no time (কখনও না) –  He has left the house, and will come back at no time.

At a time (একেবারে) – The room can accommodate 100 guests at a time.

At a pinch (প্রয়োজনের তাগিদে) – I had to buy this old thing as a pinch.

At every step (পদে পদে) – He faced problems at every step of his life.

At issue (বিতর্কের বিষয়) – Poverty alleviation in the country was at issue in the cabinet meekly.

At heart (সত্যিকার অর্থে) – Late Bhasani was, at heart, a democrat.

At the risk of (ঝুঁকি সত্ত্বেও) – He saved the child from the fire at the risk of his life.

At all risks (যে ধরনেরই বিপদ হোক না কেন) – I shall do the work at all risks.

At the point of (মুখোমুখি) – The patient is at the point of death.

At the disposal of (কর্তৃত্বাধীন) – The peon is always at the disposal of his boss.

At all hazards (সমস্ত প্রতিকূলের মাঝে) – I should help at all hazards.

At all events (যা কিছু ঘটুক না কেন) – I shall help you at all events.

At a loss (হতবুদ্ধি) – I am at a loss what to do.

At liberty (মুক্ত) – You are is at liberty to do whatever you like.

At a standstill (নিশ্চল) – The train is now at a standstill.

At fault (দোষী) – The court found him at fault.

At first hand (প্রথমে) – Try to be happy with whatever you get at first hand.

At first sight (প্রথম দেখায়) – At first sight I could not recognise him.

At leisure (অবসর সময়ে) – I like to go out fishing at leisure.

At the advent of (আগমনে) – The cuckoo sings at the advent of spring.

At the close of (শেষে) – Birds return to their nests at the close of the day.

অধিক গুরুত্বপূর্ণ
A bed of roses : এর অক্ষরানুবাদ হলো একটি গোলাপের বিছানা। যার ভাবানুবাদ হলো আরামদায়ক কোন বিষয়/ ইংরেজিতে comfortable / A life only of joy and happiness comfortable situation small bed; এখন এটাকে না-বোধক আকারে লিখতে হবে। be + not a bed of roses হয় অর্থাৎ আরামদায়ক নয় বা কঠিন/ Life is a painful journey। 

A fish out of water : পানির বাহিরে মাছ অর্থাৎ এর ভাবার্থ হলো মাছ যেমন পানি ছাড়া থাকলে বিপদে থাকে বা অস্বস্তিকর অবস্থায় পড়ে যায়। তাই এর অর্থ হলো : মানুষের জন্য প্রতিকূল বা কষ্টের কোন অবস্থা। অর্থাৎ In an uneasy situation তথা অস্বস্তিকর অবস্থা। 

A dime a dozen : dime মানে ১০ পয়সার মুদ্রা। তাহলে দশ পয়সার মুদ্রায় এক ডজন (১২ টি) পাওয়া যায়; যার ভাবার্থ হলো অল্প পয়সায় অনেক কিছু। ১০ পয়সার ১২ টি। অতএব A dime a dozen মানে স্বল্প মূল্যের সাধারণ কিছু/ সহজলভ্য কোন বস্তু ইত্যাদি। 

At large : বিশালভাবে, বিস্তৃতভাবে কোন সীমানা পাওয়া যায়; যার ভাবার্থ হলো স্বাধীনতা/ স্বাধীন; সাধারণভাবে অবাধে চলাফেরা, মুক্ত ইত্যাদি। ইংরেজিতে freely, in general, free ইত্যাদি। 

At home : এর ৩ টি অর্থ হতে পারে। ১. দক্ষ/ skilled/ experts ২. পরিচিত/ familiar with ৩. আরামদায়ক/ at ease/ comfortable এখন পরীক্ষার হলে একাধিক অপশন থেকে সঠিক উত্তর করতে ৩ নং কে প্রাধান্য বেশি দিতে আমার পরামর্শ রইলো। 

Apple of discord : এখানে Apple of discord এর অক্ষর অনুবাদ হলো "বিরোধের আপেল" এবং এর ভাবানুবাদ হলো কোন ভালো বিষয় বা সম্পত্তি নিয়ে কারো মধ্যে বিরোধ না মতভেদ। ইংরেজিতে বলা যায়: object of quarrel/ object of dispute/ a matter of dispute/ bone of contention ইত্যাদি। 

Man Compare Tips : আপনার পরিচিত কোনো মানুষের স্বভাব idioms এর অর্থের সাথে মিলিয়ে পড়ুন। 

At daggers drawn : At daggers drawn [Dagger : খঞ্জর/ দুধারি ছোরা, drawn : টানা/ আঁকা] দেখেন যে চাকু দিয়ে উভয় দিকে কাটা হয় অর্থাৎ, ঘোর বিবাদমান, চরম শত্রুতাপূর্ণ অবস্থা। ইংরেজিতে In a state of hostility, on the point of fighting, in a state of violent enmity ইত্যাদি।

At a stretch : stretch মানে প্রসারিত করা বা অবিরাম; সুতরাং at a stretch মানে একটানা, লাগাতার, একেবারে চেষ্টায়। ইংরেজিতে without stopping/ break, with one effort ইত্যাদি। 

A piece of cake : A piece of cake (এক টুকরো কেক খাওয়া সহজ কাজ তাই এর ভাবার্থ হলো সহজ কাজ); আরামদায়ক/ অত্যন্ত সহজ কাজ। something is very easy; an easy task, something which is very easy to do, খুব সহজ কাজ। 

A bolt from the blue : A bolt (বজ্র) from the blue (আকাশ). তাহলে এর ভাবার্থ হলো আকাশ থেকে বজ্রপাত আসা, যা কেউ প্রত্যাশা করে না। তাই এই phrase টির ভাবার্থ হলো an unexpected calamity/ অপ্রত্যাশিত দুর্যোগ, A sudden unfortunate/ হঠাৎ দুর্ভাগ্য; হঠাৎ বিপদ নেমে আসা। 

Achilles heel : Achilles heel (এ্যাসিলেস হিল) মানে weak point তথা দুর্বলতা বা ত্রুটি। মনে রাখুন : বিখ্যাত গ্রিক বীর Achilles পরাজিত হয়েছিল তার পায়ের গোড়ালিতে তীর প্রবেশে সেই অর্থে এর ভাবার্থ হলো দুর্বল জায়গা। The fault which is small but can cause a person's fall. 

A herculean task : হারকিউলিকস ছিলেন বিখ্যাত গ্রিক যোদ্ধা যিনি কঠিন কঠিন কাজগুলো করতে পারতেন। task মানে কাজ। 
Hints : পাথর সরানো হলো একটা herculean task; এভাবে মনে রাখতে পারেন। সুতরাং Herculean task এর ভাবার্থ হলো : a very difficult task, task accomplished with great difficulty, a very difficult job ইত্যাদি। 

A man of straw : straw মানে খড়কুটা, idioms টির অক্ষরানুবাদ হলো খড়কুটার লোক; যার ভাবার্থ হলো: worthless man = অপদার্থ লোক, Good for nothing, Unimportant = গুরুত্বহীন লোক। a man who no substance ইত্যাদি। 

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