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Idioms & Phrases - A

A trying time (দুঃসময়) – He had a very trying time in life.

A fish out of water (অস্বস্তিকর পরিবেশ) – Coming from a village he feels like a fish out of water in the town.

A jail bird (দাগি আসামি) – A jail bird like Majid is never afraid of being arrested.

At home with (স্বাচ্ছন্দ্য) – I don’t feel at home with him.

A bed of roses (ফুলশয্যা) – Life is not a bed of roses.

A far cry (প্রায় অসম্ভব) – Once it was a far cry to reach Australia.

At stake (বিপদে) – My life is at stake now.

As a matter of fact (কার্যত) – As a matter of fact she is helpless at this moment.

Apple of one’s eye (নয়নের মণি) – He is the apple of his mother’s eye.

At long last (শেষ পর্যন্ত) – He came here at long last.

At father in one’s cap (গৌরব/সম্মান লাভ) – The gentleman possesses a father in his cap.

At per (সমমানের) – This camera is at per with the one from America.

A man of straw (বাজে লোক) – He is a man of straw, I don’t care for him.

Against one’s grain (স্বভাব বিরুদ্ধ) – To seek any undue favour from anybody is against my grain.

As like as two pear in a pod (একই বৃন্তে দুটি ফুল, একেবারে একরকম) – The two sisters is as like as two pears in a pod.

At a discount (অনাদৃত) – Women’s education is no longer at a discount.

At a low ebb (ভাটিমুখে) – His popularity is at a low ebb.

At arm’s length (দূরে থাকা) – He keeps me at arm’s length.

At cross purpose (ভুল বুঝাবুঝির ফলে) – They are arguing at cross purpose.

At one’s finger-ends/finger tips (নখদর্পণ) – He has his lessons at his finger ends.

At sixes and sevens (হ-য-ব-র-ল) – Everything is at sixes and sevens here.

At the end of one’s father (ক্ষমতা বা আয়ের শেষ সীমায়) – He is at the end of his father by spending lavishly.

At the first blush (প্রথম দর্শনে) – The scheme appears worthless at the first blush.

As the crow flies (সোজাসুজি) – His house is 5 km from the station as the crow flies.

Add fuel to the fire (অগ্নিতে ঘৃতাহুতি) – The news will add fuel to the fire of his anger.

Add insult to injury (মরার ওপর খাড়ার ঘা) – If you knock down a man and then call him a fool you are just adding insult to injury.

A jot or little (কণামাত্র) – I shall not give up a jot or little of my right.

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