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বাংলাদেশের সবচেয়ে বড় শিক্ষা সহায়ক ওয়েবসাইট

Idioms & Phrases - M, N, O

Make sure (ঠিক জানা) – First make sure whether he will help you in time of need.

Matter of course (আসলে) – The earth as a matter, of course, moves around the sun.

Move heaven and earth (প্রাণপণ চেষ্টা চালানো) – He moved heaven and earth to achieve his target.

Mare’s nest (ঘোড়ার ডিম) – His discovery, at last, turned out to be mare’s nest.

Make up (স্থির করা, মিটিয়ে দেয়া) – As his father had lost, he could not make up his mind to his office work.

Null and void (বাতিল) – The law was declared null and void.

No holds barred (কোনো ফাঁক না রেখে) – He kept no holds barred to reach his destination.

Not cricket (অন্যায়) – He was criticized for his not cricket behaviour.

Nine days wonder (অস্থায়ী বিস্ময়ের বস্তু) – The show was a nine days wonder in the village.

Now or never (হয় এখন, নতুবা আর কখনো না) – Now or never is the night time to marry her.

Next to impossible (প্রায় অসম্ভব) – It is next to impossible to the govt. to word off corruption.

Once in a blue moon (কদাচিৎ) – He goes to theatre once in a blue moon.

On top of the world (খুব খুশি) – She was on the top of the world hearing the news of good result in the examination.

Out and out (হাড়ে হাড়ে) – The boy was out and out wicked.

Owing to (কারণে) – The match was canceled owing to rain.

Out of the question (অসম্ভব) – It is out of the question that Mr. Karim would be the president to the club.

On one’s own (একাকী) – Can one build the house absolutely on one’s own?

Of one’s own accord (সেচ্ছায়) – He resigned the post of his own accord.

One question (বিতর্কের বিষয়) – It is an open question whether co-education is good.

Open secret (এমন গোপনীয় বিষয় যা সবাই জানে) – It is an open secret that you helped him.

Of late (সম্প্রতি) – Of late, he has become popular.

Of the first water (খুব উঁচু দরের) – He is a painter of the first water.

Over head and ears (গভীরভাবে) – He is over head and ears in debt.

On the threshold (প্রবেশ পথে) – Our country is on the threshold of a new era.

On the eve (প্রাক্কালে) – He died on the eve of victory.

On the brink of/ On the verge of (সন্নিকটে) – This bank is on the verge of ruin.

On the sly (গোপনে) – He helped your party on the sly.

Out of sorts (অসুস্থ) – Today I feel out of sorts.

On easy term (সহজ শর্তে) – The govt. has decided to give the loans to the farmers on easy term.

Out of stock (মজুদ শেষ) – Try to have your bike before it becomes out of stock.

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