Letter to friend about how to improve English

Suppose, you are Rubel/Rumi of 12 Mirpur Road, Dhaka. One of your friends is very weak in English. 

Now, write a letter to your friend, Anik/Anika who lives at 10 Agrabad, Chattogram, telling him/her about how to improve English.

12 Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1205
13 February 2020

My dear Anik,
I got your letter yesterday. I am happy to learn that you are well. I am well too. You are weak in English. You wrote to me about it. I am not at home in English either. However, as a friend, I must tell you what I have recently learnt regarding it.

Learning English is not something to memorize, rather it is something to acquire through constant practice. First, you read English quite a lot. This will help you increase your stock of vocabulary. Remember, you may not understand all the words. But try to guess their meanings from the context. If you can’t, you look them up in the dictionary. This will certainly increase your vocabulary. Then i would like to suggest you to be interested in grammatical rules. This will help you know how sentences are made. Next, you should attend English classes regularly. In the class you should speak English with your friends. If possible, attend special coaching for learning English. Try to use English in speaking and writing in a precise way. In this way, i think you will be able to improve English gradually.

All the best,
Yours ever,

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