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Letter about importance of learning English

Write a letter to your friend ‘Y’ about the importance of learning English.

You have realised that English is a very important Language. It enables us to enter into the store-house of knowledge. If you know English we can get a good job and live and move without any difficulties in foreign countries. Our international relations and trade will be affected if we do not know English. In the field of higher education, adequate knowledge of English is essential.

‘H’ Road
12 May 2020

My dear ‘Y’,
I have just received your letter. I am very sorry to know that you have got poor marks in English. I can’t understand, why you are not interested to learn English very well. The importance of learning English cannot be overstated. You know English is an international language. It is indispensable in our daily life and work. English enables us to enter into the storehouse of knowledge. If w know English we can live and move without any difficulties in foreign countries where people do not know our mother tongue. Our International relations and trade would be affected if we do not know English. We mush know English if we go in for any situation. We cannot get employed anywhere properly unless our knowledge of English is adequate. Besides these, to obtain higher education, we have to acquire vast knowledge over English. So, friend, I request you earnestly to study English seriously.

No more today. Soon we will meet each other. Good wishes to you.

Your loving friend

-------Same letter collected from another book-------

Write a letter to your friend describing the importance of learning English in our country.

May 04, 2020

Dear Jony,
I got your letter of May 2, 2020 yesterday. I am happy to know that you have asked for some practical hints on the importance of learning English. Today I am writing to you about it.

You know English is an international language. You must know English to cope with the modern world. To have a sound command of English, you have to read English quite a lot every day. I would like to highlight here some crucial points on the ‘Importance of learning English’ is very much known to you. Today, the world becomes smaller by the auspices of technology, trade and commerce. ‘Global village’ concept is being popular in every nook and comer of the world. Our globe is gradually proceeding on towards on mono-cultural framework. After a few days, English will be the one and only language for International communication. The fastest-growing trends of using Email and Internet also require good command in English, as it is the single-most effective international language.

Now, let me mention some devices for improving the skills of learning English. First of all, we have to give up the traditional learning process which is solely based on memorizing capacity. Rather, we have to go on with acquisitional process which refers to the national way of learning one’s mother tongue. Reading English newspapers and magazines daily and writing at least one page in English about the day to day affairs, will surely develop the language skill moderately. In addition, one may make a partner to whom he can express his feelings and views in English.

No more today. Try your way up. I hope you will hopefully succeed.

Yours ever
Abul Hasan

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