Letter about compulsory English at degree level

Write a letter to your friend abroad giving your reaction to the inclusion of compulsory English at degree level.

Suppose, you have a friend abroad. His name is ‘T’. He has heard that English has been included as a compulsory subject in your degree syllabus. He wants to know your reaction about it. 

‘A’ Road
August 8, 2020

My dear ‘T’,
I am very glad to receive your letter. You already have heard that English is included in degree syllabus as a compulsory subject and wanted to know what I think about this. It is a very constructive idea that I admire for some reasons. 

Firstly, English is the most important language in the world. It is widely used as a medium of international communication among the different countries in the world. Secondly, English is a rich language. Most of the books of modern science and literature are written in English. If we do not know English we are unable to acquire the knowledge contained in these books. Thirdly, learning English gives us great opportunities to get a job both at home and abroad. 

Most of the students in our country passed SSC and HSC exams. Only by cramming the theoretical answers. They do not know how to write English correctly. A few years ago English was not a compulsory subject at degree level. Then many students passed degree exam without knowing English. For that, they had to face a great problem. Because English is very necessary to have any kind of job. Considering it government has included English in the syllabus of degree level as a compulsory subject. 

No more today. With best regards to your parents and love to you all. 

Yours Sincerely 

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