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Importance Of Learning English

English being an International Language dominates all over the world. It is the only language to communicate with other countries internationally.

English was the official language in Bangladesh during British rule. Although today English is no longer the official language, it is the most important foreign or second language in Bangladesh. It is taught at educational institutions as a compulsory subject. Only this information is enough to reveal the importance of learning English in Bangladesh.

The kind of education that we need in the modern world is contained in books written in English. For example, almost all books on medical sciences, technological sciences, or business studies are written in English. So, if we do not learn English with due importance from an early level, we will not be able to produce good doctors, skilled technicians, and efficient engineers, etc.

Language specialists believe that acquiring a language is more successful and longer-lasting than learning. It needs perseverance, hard work, concentration, etc. At present teachers also encourage the learners of a second language to practice and experience the language in different situations where they are involved in communicating with others.

English is an international language. It is the official or semi-official language in more than 60 countries and of many international organizations. More than 650 million people use it as a first or second language. Nowadays, in the globalized world, no one can do anything without communicating with other countries. But we require a common language for international communication. Only English can serve this purpose. So, we have no other choice except to learn English.

The International Olympic Committee, for example, always holds meetings in English. English helps the international community and the business world to communicate across national borders.

More than 80% of all information in the world’s computers is in English. Some companies provide English language training for their staff. It is a wonder that job facilities often ask for a good working knowledge of English. Many experts believe that English usually helps them to get good jobs with handsome salaries.

English is an international language. It has an influence all over the world. A man in any country can speak and write something in English. It is a particular or specific language to communicate with different countries. An English knowing person of any country has a great demand in the international business and community as well.

To communicate with people from other countries requires a good command of a language, especially English. Since it is a predominating language, it needs good and long-lasting verbal and non-verbal communication that can easily be established with the learning of English. Without the power of vision, a man can become blind. Likewise, a man without an optimum knowledge of English is not nationally and internationally important.

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