Paragraph : Importance of Learning English

Importance of Learning English

↬ Necessity of Learning English

For centuries English has been being used for international communication in many countries. Now it has created its appeal all over the world and become a must for multilateral communication. So English is called an International Language. In order to keep peace with the present world, we should have a good command over English. For maintaining communication with foreign countries and international organizations we should learn English. Then, in order to have access to the latest knowledge, research of the world we need to learn English. Besides, for the sake of higher education, we should learn it. Apart from this, we should learn English because it can ensure our future career. For people having a good command over English are highly valued in the job market. However, learning English is an easy task. In case of learning English, one should learn the grammatical rules very carefully. Without learning grammar, it is not possible to have a good command over English. Our present English textbook which is based on the communicative purposes is very helpful for learning English. It introduces us to the communicative functions of English and helps us use it in practical situations.

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English is spoken all over the world. The international organisations and the business world communicate in English across the national borders. It is the most widely used international language. We should learn English for maintaining international co-operation, trade and commerce. It is essential for all kinds of jobs both at home and abroad. Today, different organisations need employees who can speak and write a standard form of English. It helps to get a good job and earn more money. Besides, it is necessary for higher education. Because, all books on advanced education are mostly written in English. Again, this is an era of globalisation. English has acquired the prestige of global language. We should learn English to make room for us in the competitive world. I think, we should know some basic rules of grammar in learning English. But the most important thing in learning English is communication. Our English textbook helps us to learn English. It is written to help students in developing communicative competence.

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