Paragraph : Proficiency in English

Proficiency in English

Proficiency in English is important because English is an international language. We need it to create a peaceful world. We need it for business purposes also. It is also used to develop the fraternity of humanity. It is essential for the promotion of international understanding. We need it mainly to communicate with the people of other countries. There are some jobs which require men who know English well. A foreign office requires English knowing people. English is also very helpful for higher studies. There is no country where English is not taught. We need to earn proficiency in all subjects in this language, Proficiency in this language helps us in many ways. It helps to understand easily. We can express our feelings freely. A deeper understanding of this language can bring us much confidence. It helps us to communicate our thoughts more effectively. We can enjoy the world literature. For these reasons, we need proficiency in the English language. Learning English is not an easy process. The first impediment is that it is a foreign language. English language teachers in Bangladesh teach English in a traditional manner. There is a lack of effective teaching approaches. The teachers are also not competent. The students' memories the rules but they do not practice a lot. They know grammatical rules but cannot transfer their knowledge to communicate effectively. They can not inner-act in English properly. At present, the standard of proficiency in the English language in Bangladesh is not satisfactory. Even the students of undergraduate level do not know correct English. The standard of English is falling day by day. So it is the duty of the government to take a step to improve national proficiency in English.

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