Paragraph : Pollution


Pollution means making something dirty or impure. We come across different pollutions of our country such as arsenic pollution, water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, etc. Arsenic is poison. Almost 80% of the total population of our country are living under the constant threat of arsenic pollution. When in water the presence of this poison is much higher than the acceptable quantity, it is called arsenic pollution. Men are throwing waste into the water. The farmers all over the world are using pesticide and chemicals which are mixing with water directly and thus water is polluted. All over the countrymen are destroying forests and cutting trees. As a result, carbon dioxide is increasing. Besides, industries and motor vehicles emit huge columns of smoke in the air. Resultantly air is polluted. Sound pollution is another hindrance to a calm and serene life. Motor vehicles, loudspeakers etc. cause sound pollution. So in order to prevent all sorts of pollution, we need to create awareness among people as well as to enforce laws strictly.
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