Paragraph : Recent Drive Against Corruption

Recent Drive Against Corruption

Corruption has struck from roots in Bangladesh and a strong drive has recently been started against it. Bangladesh has been rated first in corruption by Transparency International consecutively for five years. The main form of corruption is bribery. In fact, bribery permeated every sphere of life. People of all sectors are involved in it. Dishonest politicians, bureaucrats, high officials, all kinds of employees in government and non-government offices, businessmen in private sectors, all kinds of teachers and other professionals have contributed to the spread of corruption of taking and giving bribes. Bribery has destroyed the moral base of the society and the moral character of the public. As a result, the command of the law, fair justice, social equality, honesty, and righteousness have been thrown at a discount and the common people have been put under the weary weight of abject miseries. Thus an effective and meaningful anti-corruption drive became essential to rescue the helpless people from the clutch of this hydra-headed monster. Eventually, an Independent Anti-Corruption Commission has been set up to deal with the problems of corruption. It has started functioning with all its might and in full swing. The government has launched an all-out drive against, corruption. This drive has received a great appreciation and strong support from the people a large. Some very big guns from all sectors, especially the political sector have been hauled up. Some others are being hunted down. The Anti-Corruption Commission has spread its tentacles all over the country. Some people are put behind the bars, some are under trial in various courts of justice and some are suffering sentences of the courts. If the drive continues, it will be possible to reduce corruption in Bangladesh in a great measure within a short time.
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