Paragraph : Rights of Children

Rights of Children

In most developing countries rights of children are being neglected. Rights may be described as legally recognized privileges that are granted to a person for his proper physical, mental and spiritual growth and development towards the realization of his best self. The Geneva Convention of the United Nations has identified some basic rights for the children. These are (i) right to protection from all kinds of threats, (ii) right to live and survive, (iii) right to education, (iv) right to healthy physical and mental development, (v) right to health and hygiene and (vi) right not to be forced into labour. Thus the children should be protected from all kinds of threats. The society should ensure and maintain such conditions as would safeguard them against all situations that might endanger their life and survival. They should be provided with food, clothing, shelter, education and health care. At the same time, they should be given opportunities to cultivate virtues and imbibe good thoughts. In fact, adequate care should be taken in all respects so that the children can enjoy their rights and grow up to be useful citizens and worthy men.
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