Paragraph : Rumour


Rumour is some information that is spread by being talked about but may not be true. For instance, we heard that South Korea was going to be merged with North Korea. Actually, that did not happen. Rumour plays a very important role in shaping public opinion, even in a very important matter. A rumour can bring victory or defeat. In the battle of Kurukshetra, a rumour was spread that the general named Ashathan on the side of the Kurus was killed. And the effect of the rumour was that the common soldiers were seized with such a panic that they took to their heels and left the battlefield. The Kurus were defeated in the battle. Rumour in thus a very strong force to mould public opinion. Rumour has become a common phenomenon in our society. Rumour destroys the faith of a man. Generally, common people are victimized by it seriously. Shakespeare in his play “Henry the Fourth, Part Two” characterized rumour as one of the worst mischief-makers. And all of us know from our own experience what rumour can do or undo.
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