Paragraph : Rural Development

Rural Development

Rural development means the development of the villages. Most of the people of our country live in the villages. Importance of village development in our country is great. Rural development in our country has various aspects. The most important of them are agriculture, primary and secondary education, means of communication, sanitation and health, cottage industries, fishery, cooperative societies, community life etc. Our village people are poor. They do not know the scientific method of cultivation. They should be provided with improved tools and better seeds. Prompt steps should be taken to destroy pests. The land under cultivation should be brought under a proper system of irrigation. More than eighty percent of our rural population is illiterate. We have not enough primary school in our rural areas. The secondary schools are not many in number. Most of the villagers cannot bear the requisite charges for the education of their children. The communication system of the villages is not so well. Many old roads, bridges, culverts, and railway bridges have been repaired. Still, the question of the importance of communication is a problem in rural areas. Health and sanitation should be improved. Our government should take necessary steps for our rural development.
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