Report on different causes of failures in English

A huge number of students fail in English every year in public examinations despite studying it as a compulsory subject from class 1 to Honours level. Now, prepare a report focusing on different causes of their failures in English for a daily newspaper. 

Independent report-

MA Kawser, Staff Reporter, DHAKA, March 30 : English is an international language. Learning English is a basic need for human begins of 21st century. Without the knowledge of English, it is almost impossible to survive in the modern world. But regrettably every year, a number of students fail in English in PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC and in other major examinations. 

In Bangladesh, English is a compulsory subject which must be learned from class 1 to honours level. Most of the students are afraid of ‘English’ because of some good reasons. The methodology which is adopted to teach English in the classroom does not suit them very much. 

Again, the English teachers of Bangladesh are not properly trained and not always friendly to the students. Moreover, the infrastructure that we have in our classrooms doesn’t help the cause either. Especially, the situation of the rural area is not even mentionable. 

It is, therefore, very important to explain the needs of the students and develop teaching materials accordingly. The government should also facilitate a friendly atmosphere to the English teachers as well as the learners in order to ensure a smooth English learning. 

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