Report about a boat capsize

Suppose, you are Tahsin. You are informed about a boat capsize in Buriganga. Write a report on this.


Sumaia Islam, DHAKA, April 12 : Four women and three children died when a boat capsized in the Buriganga yesterday. 

Withnesses said, an overloaded passenger boat capsized in the river Buriganga at 5.00pm yesterday when a gusty wind began. Most of the passengers except four women and three children managed to reach the bank by swimming. 

The source said people found them drowning but nobody could rescue them. At last, members of the Fire Brigade recovered their dead bodies from the river after an hour of drive. 

The victims were identified as Rahima (26), Rukeya (40), Munni (18), Sefali (33), Sumon (7), Rubel (4) and Asif (6) residents of Doleshwar and Shyampur. The dead bodies were sent to the Mitford Hospital for autopsy. 

It was also known that the boat could accommodate only twenty-five passengers but it carried more than fifty passengers. So, the gusty wind easily attached the boat as it was overloaded. Unfortunately, all the women passengers of the boat have died instantly as they did not know how to swim. When the dead bodies were rescued, there was a big hue and cry on the bank of the Buriganga. After the accident, the local Upazila Nirbahi Officer rushed to the spot and formed a committee of three people from the Upazila Office to inquire about the accident within five days and submit it to the local administration.
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