Report about a story of an extra-ordinary student

Suppose, you are a district correspondent of the Daily Star. You have covered the story of an extra-ordinary student who got golden GPA from Lalmonirhat Government High School this year. Now, write a report on him. 

Star report-

Mamun, District Correspondent, LALMONIRHAT, July 30 : Babu is what his parents call him but his actual name is Mehdi Ghulam Hasnain who has got golden GPA from Lalmonirhat Government High School, scoring 94% Marks. Whenever, his mother Nargis Khatoon said, “Babu, you should get a place in SSC Examination”, he used to reply, “Mother! System of placing has been closed.” She would get upset by such response but Almighty Allah has replied her prayers and now Mehdi is one of the top students of Bangladesh. 

Mehdi’s father Ghulam Hasnain is working at post and telegraph local office in Lalmonirhat. He is upbeat with the success of his son. “We knew the Mehdi will get through with flying colours but this is unbelievable and more than what we ever thought.” 

He thanked Nayeemuddin Akhtar, headmaster of Mehdi’s school for guiding him and providing him best support. 

Mehdi Ghulam Hasnain is sharing the honour of getting golden GPA. Mehdi was studing in Lalmonirhat Government High School only to get contemporary education. He is very thankful to Almighty Allah for his success. He also thanked his parents and teachers for encouraging and motivating him for the exam. 

Mehdi’s headmaster is proud that one of his students has achieved golden GPA. He told media : “Mehdi’s financial condition is not well, and that’s why his parents failed to support him properly. However, Mehdi proved that hard work is the only key to success.” 

Now, Mehdi’s dream is to continue his study. At first, he wants to enrol in a college to complete his HSC. Then he would like to enter in Dhaka University where he would like to study economics. His dream is to become a teacher and would like to support the student of next generation. He does not want to be a doctor or engineer as he realizes that nation needs good students to be teacher so that the nation will get student like Mehdi who will serve for the country. 

There is an uncertainty in his life to enter a college as his father is not well off enough to support his education expenditure. Will his dream of being a teacher lost? We want the support from the persons who can contribute the continue his further study. 
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