Report on illegal hunting of migratory birds

Write a report on illegal hunting of migratory birds.


Local Correspondent, Kushtia, January 5 : Thousands of guest birds have started arriving in six Upazila of Kushtia district since the beginning of winter season. The upazila are Bheramara, Mirpur, Daulatpur, Kumarkhali, Khoksha and Kushtia. These migratory birds are coming from the Siberian region due to severe cold and acute crisis of food. They are taking shelter in different rivers, canals, beels, haors and other water bodies of the district. The different species of migratory birds like Balihash, Rajshahi, Chokha, Sarail and Dahuk are found here. Professional hunters are catching the guest birds and selling those in different markets and other areas, reports BSS. 

In Bangladesh, some people who love to eat birds-meat look for the migratory birds in the local markets in winter season. People know that the migratory birds gather in some special areas of Bangladesh only in winter season. There are some dishonest hunters who catch these migratory birds and sell them in local markets at a very high price. But this kind of hyena’s acts and hunting or killing and selling of such migratory birds should be prohibited in our country. So, the conscious citizens should not encourage such kind of illegal business.
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