Dialogue on the necessity of learning English

Imagine, you are Ratan. You met your friend Jewel. Nowadays he feels tired and looks weak. You advise him to walk in the morning regularly.

Now, make a dialogue of the discussion between you and Khairul on the necessity of learning English. 

Mannan : Hello, Khairul, how are you? 

Khairul : Fine, how do you do? 

Mannan : Nice. Where are you going? 

Khairul : I have an English class with the 2nd year students. 

Mannan : What is the condition in English of your students? 

Khairul : Not so good. I don’t understand why they don’t study English seriously? 

Mannan : I also think so. They should know that English is an international language. 

Khairul : Yes, the necessity of learning this language cannot be overstated. 

Mannan : Really, if we know English we can live and move without any difficulty in foreign countries where people do not know our mother tongue. 

Khairul : Besides, English enables us to enter into the store house of knowledge. 

Mannan : Yes, if our students do not learn English, we will be unable to produce good doctors, engineers, technicians etc. 

Khairul : Exactly, our international relations and trade would be affected too if we do not know English. 

Mannan : In a word, considering the necessity of learning English student should study seriously. 

Khairul : Undoubtedly. OK. Bye. 

Mannan : Bye. See you.

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