Dialogue about the good effects of morning walk

Imagine, you are Ratan. You met your friend Jewel. Nowadays he feels tired and looks weak. You advise him to walk in the morning regularly. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and jewel about the good effects of morning walk.

Ratan : Good morning, Jewel.

Jewel : Good morning. How are you?

Ratan : I am fine. Why do you look so pale?

Jewel : Yes. I feel so tired nowadays.

Ratan : Do you know the season?

Jewel : No. But I have to work hard for the preparation for the ensuing exam.

Ratan : I think, you go to bed too late and get up from bed too late.

Jewel : Yes, You’re right.

Ratan : This is the reason for your weakness.

Jewel : Then what can I do?

Ratan : You know, morning walk is good for health. If you take a walk in the morning, you could inhale fresh and pure air and feel its invigorating effect. Besides, morning walk is the best kind of physical exercise.

Jewel : Do you think so?

Ratan : Yes, of course. You can prove it by practicing regularly only for one month.

Jewel : OK. Thank you.


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