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Dialogue on the difficulties of learning English

Imagine, you are Rinky. You met your friend Sima. Her brother appeared at the BA examination. You have wanted to know his result. She has told you that he failed in English. Then you have had a talk on the difficulties of learning English in our country.

Now, make a dialogue of the talk you have had with Sima on the difficulties of learning English.

Rinky : Hello, Sima, what is the B.A. result of your brother?

Sima : What should I say; he has failed in English though total marks are above 650.

Rinky : Really, I'm shocked at this news. I can’t imagine it.

Sima : English has been taught as compulsory subject in our educational system. Yet a large number of students fail in English every year.

Rinky : Right, the student failure in English is so alarming that the whole nation is frightened for the future of the country.

Sima : Actually there are many difficulties of learning English in our country.

Rinky : You’re right., the method of English teaching here is quite unscientific and unsound.

Sima : In the primary levels, teachers are not so efficient in teaching English. So students get no interest in learning English and it continues at higher levels too.

Rinky : Defective syllabus, want of teachers, lack in language usage, scarcity of books – all these are the difficulties of learning English.

Sima : Exactly, I think govt. should take proper steps to remove these difficulties.

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