Dialogue with passer-by at airport

Imagine, you are Bapi. You want to go to the Shahjalal International Airport but you do not know its location. On the way, you met a passer-by named Sukanto. You asked him about the direction of the airport. He gives you the direction.

Reproduce the dialogue you have had with the passer-by Sukanto.

Bapi : Hello, gentleman! Would you please listen to me?

Sukanto : Yes. What’s the matter?

Bapi : Well, excuse me. Would you kindly tell me the location of the Shahjalal International Airport?

Sukanto : Are you a newcomer here?

Bapi : Yes. You’re right. I’m from Narsingdi. My brother will come from New York today. So, I have come here to receive him.

Sukanto : Don’t worry. Please go straight to the north by a motor scooter. When you find the point of the cross roads. You’ll turn to the left. Then you can see the Shahjalal International Airport.

Bapi : Is that too far from here?

Sukanto : Not so far. It will take about 20 minutes.

Bapi : It’s very kind of you. Thank you very much.

Sukanto : You are welcome.
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