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Dialogue with friend at book fair

Imagine, you are Babu. You have gone to visit a book fair. There you met your friend Kabir. You have a talk with him. 

Now, make a dialogue of the talk you have had with Kabir.

Babu : Good afternoon, Kabir.

Kabir : Good afternoon. How are you, Baby?

Babu : Quite fine. It’s a long time since I saw you last.

Kabir : Probably we met each other 8 months ago.

Babu : Yes. you are right. By the by, when have you come here?

Kabir : Few minutes ago. Have you come just now?

Babu : Yes. How is Sharif?

Kabir : He is well. He is preparing himself for the ensuing exam.

Babu : Very good. What’s that in your hand?

Kabir : It’s Tagore’s “Shesher Kabita”.

Babu : Have you bought it now?

Kabir : Yes. It’s my favourite book.

Babu : What’s that?

Kabir : It’s Bimal’s “Kadi Dia Kinlam.”

Babu : That’s also a fantastic book.

Kabir : Don’t you have any?

Babu : Not yet. But I’ll buy some. You know books are my friend. I enjoy them very much.

Kabir : I know that, Well, I’m going. Thank you.

Babu : Okay. See you again. Bye.

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