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Dialogue between you and the salesman while buying

Suppose, you want to buy a washing machine. You have gone to a shop for this purpose. The salesman shows you the washing machines and you buy one. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and the salesman while buying a washing machine.

Salesman : Yes, can I help you?

Myself : I want a good washing machine.

Salesman : Large size or medium?

Myself : Medium, please.

Salesman : Please have a look at this corner. You can see all kinds of washing machine.

Myself : Thank you. Would you please show me the 3rd one?

Salesman : Of course. Here it is.

Myself : How nice! What’s the price?

Salesman : 12 thousand taka.

Myself : That’s too much.

Salesman : Not at all. It’s a genuine Swiss machine?

Myself : But I want a cheaper one. Don’t you have one?

Salesman : Why not? Look at this side. These are Japanese.

Myself : How much is the fourth one?

Salesman : All these in this row have the same price and it’s 8 thousand taka each.

Myself : But aren’t Japanese washing machine generally notorious for poor quality?

Salesman : Don’t worry. These are originally from Japan.

Myself : All right. Pack this one.

Salesman : Okay. Thank you. Visit again, please.

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