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Dialogue between a client and the Manager in the bank

Suppose, you want to open a bank account and keep your scholarship money in it. You have gone to a bank as a client and had a talk with the Manager.

Now, make a dialogue between a client and the Manager in the bank.

Client : May I come in, sir?

Manager : Yes, come in.

Client : Would you help me, sir?

Manager : Yes, you can tell me about your problem.

Client : Sir, I need to open a savings account.

Manager : What do you do?

Client : I’m a student.

Manager : Why do you need to open a bank account?

Client : I’ve received an amount of scholarship money and I want to keep it in your bank.

Manager : I’m happy to hear about your scholarship. I encourage you to open a bank account. So you can take an application form, fill it up with the recommendation of a person who has an account in this bank. Then you can attach two attested copies of your photograph and submit your money in favour of the account.

Client : Sir, I’ll fulfil all the requirements according to your advice and come tomorrow.

Manager : Ok. Thank you.

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