Dialogue about terrorism in educational institution

Imagine, you are Mahib. You met your friend Masud. There was a talk between you and him about terrorism in educational institution.

Now make a dialogue of the talk between you and Masud about terrorism in educational institution.

Mahib : Hello Masud, how are you?

Masud : I am not so well.

Mahib : Why are you not well?

Masud : I’m not well because of the terrorism on our campus. Yesterday our college was closed for an indefinite time.

Mahib : I know it. When the terrorists started violence, I was at my house. I watched on the television that a great fight took place between two rival groups.

Masud : I saw the violence with my own eyes. What a bloody clash it was! One of the boys died before our eyes. Now I cannot forget that pathetic scene.

Mahib : Terrorism is a curse in our student life as well as our national life. It can influence our life terribly. Students should not take part in politics.

Masud : The terrorism on the campus not only ruins the academic environment but also spoils the life of the students.

Mahib : We all should try to stop it.

Masud : I agree with you.
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