Dialogue regarding job matters

Imagine, you are Mamun. You are still unemployed. You met your friend Monju. He has got a job in the City Bank. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and Monju regarding job matters.

Mamun : Hello, Monju, how are you?

Monju : I am fine. Thank you.

Mamun : Nice to see you. What’s the matter with you. Monju?

Monju : I’ve joined the City Bank.

Mamun : What a pleasant surprise! You didn’t tell me before.

Monju : Don’t mind, please. Actually I’ve joined recently. I could not make time to tell all of you.

Mamun : It’s really a good news. When are you going to arrange a party for us?

Monju : Give me the time to get the first salary.

Mamun : OK. time will say.

Monju : What’s about you? Haven’t you joined anywhere?

Mamun : Not yet as lucky as you.

Monju : Don’t lose heart. Carry on. I am confident that you will get a job soon.

Mamun : Thank you. my dear.

Monju : You are most welcome.
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