Dialogue about getting admission into the university

Imagine, you are Rokey. You have got a chance for admission to Rajshahi University. You have gone to University and met your friend Manik. He asks you about your admission. You are not aware of the admission procedure. You have asked Manik to help you. He has given you some advice. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and Manik about your getting admission into the university.

Manik : Hello Rokey, have you got a chance at any university?

Rokey : Yes, I have got a chance at this university in the English Department.

Manik : Have you come for admission?

Rokey : Yes Manik, I have come for admission but I am ignorant about the rules of the Rajshahi University. You know, I have completed my Higher Secondary Education from Dhaka College, Can you help me?

Manik : Of course, you are my bosom friend.

Rokey : Please tell something about admission process.

Manik : Now you can take your admission form of the English Department from Shahidullah Arts Building. Filling up the form, you can go to your selected hall for provost’s signature and to fulfil other requirements. After completing that you can deposit your money in the recommended bank. Then you can go to the administrative section to include your roll and registration number.

Rokey : Thank you. I’ll always remember your help. You are very kind to me.

Manik : You are welcome.
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