Dialogue on brain drain from Bangladesh

Suppose, you are Nipu. You find that brain drain is a burning issue in Bangladesh. You happen to meet your friend Dipu and have a discussion on the matter with him. 

Now, make a dialogue of the discussion you have had with Dipu on brain drain from Bangladesh.

Nipu : Hello Dipu, do you know anything about brain drain?

Dipu : Why not? It’s now a burning issue. Many bright students of our country are going abroad for better opportunities.

Nipu : That’s right. Many doctors, engineers and scientists go abroad and work there for fat salaries. This migration of skilled and experienced people from the country of foreign countries is called brain drain.

Dipu : How does the brain drain help to make foreign exchange?

Nipu : The people who are working abroad send money to their native land and the country is benefited by this.

Dipu : All meritorious students should stay in our country for the betterment of the motherland.

Nipu : Yes, it is undoubtedly good for the motherland.

Dipu : You are correct.
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