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Dialogue about the coming examination

Imagine, you are Imran. Your examination is near at hand. You have met your friend Fahim and had a talk with him about your coming examination.

Now, make a dialogue of the talk you have had with Fhaim about the coming examination.

Imran : Hello Fahim, how are you?

Fahim : Fine, thank you. But I’m worried about my examination.

Imran : You’re very studious and laborious, you never waste your time. You’ve taken a good preparation. I think you’ll do better in the coming examination.

Fahim : I’ve read well but I’m afraid of time. I’ve no good preparation in English and Mathmatics. In a short time, it’s very difficult for me to cover these subjects.

Imran : I’m very weak in English. I couldn’t carry more than 50% marks in English.

Fahim : Your learning method is not so good. You should learn some basic rules of English. Besides, you can improve your writing skill to make a better result.

Imran : The authorities are very much strict. So, we’ve no scope of copying.

Fahim : If you want to take to copying, you’ll fail in the examination. Read attentively. You’ll do better.

Imran : Thanks for your suggestion.

Fahim : You’re most welcome.

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