Dialogue with two new comers in college

Imagine, you are Poly. You have gone to see Eden College in Dhaka City. You met there Jolly, another new-comer. You have had a talk with her about the college.

Now, make a dialogue of the talk you have had with Jolly.

Poly : I’ve come to see Eden College. This is one of the famous colleges in Dhaka city.

Jolly : I’m really impressed to see its beautiful campus. I’m also a new-comer here.

Poly : What do you think about this campus, Jolly?

Jolly : Yes, the campus is very beautiful. It has many residential halls for the students. The campus is adorned with big trees and flower garden. I wish to be a student of this college.

Poly : I heard that the result of this college is very good. Only meritorious students can get opportunity to read there. The teachers are very competent and they are very sincere about their duties.

Jolly : No teacher can neglect his/her duties. The administration of this college is very strict. Everyone has to read properly according to her scheduled routine.

Poly : Sometimes college campus is excited through the under political influence. Last year a great fight took place and some were seriously injured.

Jolly : It is a common incident of our educational institutions. It ruins not only the academic environment but also spoils the life of the students. In fact. we’ve to live with it.

Poly : OK. Jolly. I want to be a student on this campus.
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