Dialogue regarding the corruption in Bangladesh

Imagine, you are Raton. You have a friend named Swapon. You have talked with him about the corruption in Bangladesh.

Now, make a dialogue of the talk between you and Swapon regarding the corruption in Bangladesh.

Raton : Hello Swapon, do you know the TI report about Bangladesh?

Swapon : Yes. I know very well about that report. The report has disclosed that Bangladesh is the first one in corruption among the countries of the world. Now we are champion in the race of corruption.

Raton : You are making a joke but I am perplexed to hear this. I think you have no patriotism.

Swapon : I must love my country but what can I do now? Most of the people of our country have become corrupted from clerks to high officers and the ministers. They have do everything to serve their own interests. The social or state value means nothing to them.

Raton : What are the causes of corruption in our country? Can you find out?

Swapon : In a developing and poor country like Bangladesh, the main cause of corruption is corrupted politics. Corrupted politicians misuse their power. Bribery and nepotism are also responsible for corruption.

Raton : The matter is very grievous and painful. We should be keenly conscious of this matter. Family training is also necessary for the children. Our government should be sincere to remove corruption.

Swapon : Thank you Raton, your suggestion is acceptable to eradicate corruption.


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