Dialogue between you and Hasib about the use of internet in computer

Imagine, you are Javed. Your friend Hasib has got an internet connection with his computer. You do not have much idea about an internet connection. You have met Hasib and gathered from him an idea about this device. You want to have an internet connection like him and seek his help.

Now, write a dialogue between you and Hasib about the use of internet in computer.

Javed : Hello Hasib, I’m told, you’ve got an internet connection with your computer, haven’t you?

Hasib : Yes. It’s an old story by now. Many days have passed since I got it.

Javed : What’s internet:? I don’t have any idea about it.

Hasib : It’s a computer to computer international network of electronic channels devised in a manner that it operates between communicating computers all over the world for receiving and transmitting voices, data, written materials, graphics and pictures through relevant systems in the twinkling of an eye.

Javed : How is that?

Hasib : Suppose, you want to speak with a person in Japan, or to get information about the culinary habits of the Japanese, or to see pictures of the devastation caused by Atom Bomb in Hiroshima during World War II or to read newspapers of that country, you can do so instantly through the internet by engaging the relevant system.

Javed : Is it such a miracle?

Hasib : Yes. It’s the latest miracle of science and technology. It has captured the whole world within a computer screen.

Javed : Then we can make all kinds of communication over the world by having an internet connection with our computer, can’t we?

Hasib : Yes.

Javed : very interesting indeed! I’d like to have an internet connection with my computer. Would you help me with this matter?

Hasib : By all means.

Javed : Thank you. I’ll come tomorrow.

Hasib : You’re welcome.


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