Dialogue between you and a foreigner

Imagine, you are Mr. Kamal Ahmed, an advocate. You have met a tourist who has come from England to visit Bangladesh. He is Mr. Jones. It is his first visit to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is generally known abroad as a poor country frequently hit by devastating natural calamities. So you want to know about Mr. Jones’s feeling about Bangladesh. He points out the immense possibilities of the development of Bangladesh. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and a foreigner who has come to Bangladesh for the first time.

Mr. Kamal : I guess, you’re from England. I’m Kamal Ahmed, an advocate.

Mr. Jones : Very nice to meet you, Mr. Ahmed. You’re right. I’m from England. I am a tourist.

Mr. Kamal : Is it your first visit to Bangladesh?

Mr. Jones : Yes, it’s my first visit.

Mr. Kamal : How do you find this country? You might have heard that it’s a very poor land and many people live here below the poverty line.

Mr. Jones : Yes, but I find it developing very fast. Everywhere there are marks of development. Even in rural areas, there are positive signs of a break-through. The farmers are found taking to mechanised cultivation. The large tracts of agricultural fields on either side of the railway, bear out my observation. The standing crops on the paddy fields indicate that this land is really golden.

Mr. Kamal : Haven’t you heard that it’s called a bottomless basket and it depends on foreign aid?

Mr. Jones : Yes. I’ve. But this is more or less true of all nations that have earned their freedom by way of war. I think such observation on longer holds good. Every developing nation has to depend on foreign aid at the initial stage. But Bangladesh has great prospects.

Mr. Kamal : Would that your words came true. We feel frustrated because of frequent floods, droughts and tidal bores. Natural calamities are the curses of our lot.

Mr. Jones : True. Nobody has any hand in natural calamities. But the people of this country are brave and diligent. They have their own ways of rising to the occasion and going ahead. If they’re given a sense of direction and purpose, there will be no cause of frustration.

Mr. Kamal : Mr. Jones, as I speak to you I feel encouraged. Your words are reassuring.

Mr. Jones : Maybe, you feel frustrated because you are fed up with the dark side of life. You miss finding many of the hopeful things. It has the assets of natural resources. It has the best tourism facilities and the Bay of Bengal. It has a cheap labour force. If all these are turned to good account, Bangladesh will become one of the rich countries and that, not in too distant of future.

Mr. Kamal : Blessed be your tongue, Mr. Jones. Please have my address-card. I shall be very happy if you kindly pay us a visit before you leave Bangladesh.

Mr. Jones : I shall try. Thank you so much.

Mr. Kamal : You’re welcome.


  1. The dialogue is very important for my annual exam ♥️ Thanks 😊

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