Dialogue about recollecting the performance of Bangladesh Cricket Team in the World Cup

Imagine, you are Bapi. Also, imagine that the World Cup Cricket is going on. You are enjoying the game on the TV. Bangladesh team has defeated the World Champion Pakistan team. Your friend Amjad is also interested in cricket and is regularly watching the game. You have met him and had a talk with him about the performance of Bangladesh team.

Now, make a dialogue between you and your friend Amjad recollecting the performance of Bangladesh Cricket Team in the World Cup.

Bapi : Hello, Amjad, how are you? I think you are hale and hearty and enjoying the World Cup Cricket very well.

Amjad : Thank you, my friend. I’m all right. I think it is now a very popular game all over the world.

Bapi : What is your impression about the match that was held between Bangladesh and Pakistan?

Amjad : Really I’m deeply impressed to see the performance of all the teams participating in this auspicious game particularly Bangladesh.

Bapi : Yes, it is a great surprise that Bangladesh beat the Ex-world champion Pakistan.

Amjad : Of course, you know, Pakistan is one of the well-known teams in the cricket world and they are defeated by us.

Bapi : However, I think South Africa will gain the cup for the first time. Do you agree?

Amjad : No. I don’t agree. So far as my experience goes, I can tell you frankly that Pakistan will get the cup for the second time and I prefer it.

Bapi : Now let’s wait and see which team will advance and achieve the goal.

Amjad : Okay. Thank you and wait for this exciting match.

Bapi : Okay. Bye.
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