Dialogue about taking a book

Imagine, you are a regular reader of a library. You have taken a library card also. You want to read a good book on our War of Liberation. You have gone to the library and met the librarian.

Now, make a dialogue between you and the librarian about taking a book on our War of Liberation.

Reader : Good afternoon. How are you?

Librarian : Fine, thank you. What can I do for you?

Reader : I want to read a book on our War of Liberation. How is your collection about it?

Librarian : I see. Our collection is quite good. We have procured almost all the standard works on our War of Liberation.

Reader : Do you have “Genocide in Bangladesh”?

Librarian : Yes, we do. Should I get it for you?

Reader : Yes, if you please.

(The librarian beckons the library assistant)

Librarian : Will you read it here or take it home?

Reader : I’d better take it home.

Librarian : Please give me your library card and let me issue the book.

(The reader hands out the library card)

Reader : Here’s my library card. Please take it.

(The librarian takes the library card and issues the book. The library assistant fetches the book from the shelf and puts it on the country. The librarian gives the book to the reader.)

Librarian : Please take the book.

Reader : Okay. Thank you so much.

(The reader takes the book)

Librarian : You’re welcome.

(The reader leaves with the book)
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