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Dialogue about buying a gift for mother.

Imagine, you are Dollie. You have a sister whose name is Mollie. Your mother’s birthday falls on February 25. You want to buy a birthday gift for your mother. You talk about this matter with your sister, Mollie.

Now, make a dialogue between you and Mollie abut buying a gift for your mother.

Dollie : Well Mollie, don’t you remember that mother’s birthday falls on February 25?

Mollie : Yes, today is the 22nd. Only three days.

Dollie : How about buying her a gift?

Mollie : Good idea. What do you like to buy? Let’s go to a jewellery shop and buy a necklace.

Dollie : I don’t think mother would like such costly things. She would rather prefer a simple thing of daily use.

Mollie : Right you are. Then let’s buy a fashionable vanity bag or an attractive wrist watch.

Dollie : I think, a wrist watch would be the right thing- a round-shaped small golden Seiko watch with a golden chain. Mother would like such a watch very much.

Mollie : Yes, I agree with you. Then Let’s go to a watch shop.

Dollie : Let’s.

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