Dialogue about permission to leave school early

Imagine, you are Jasim. Your elder brother will leave for London today with his family by the evening flight. You want to see them off at home. So you need short leave for the afternoon classes. You request your class teacher to grant you the required leave. Eventually he agrees. 

Make a dialogue between you and your class teacher seeking his permission to leave school early.

Jasim : Sir, today I’m required to go home after the 4th period. So I need short leave for the afternoon classes.

Class-teacher : Afternoon classes are also quite important. It’s not advisable for you to remain absent from classes.

Jasim : Sir, you might have noticed that I’m quite particular about attending all my classes. But today I’ve a special urgency to seek leave for the afternoon.

Class-teacher : What’s that?

Jasim : My elder brother will leave for London with his family today by the evening flight. So I’ve to remain present at home to see them off when they set out.

Class-teacher : Does your brother live in London?

Jasim : Yes sir, he is the Second Secretary in the Bangladesh High Commission in London. He came home on leave to celebrate the Eid fastival with us.

Class-teacher : O.K. Jasim. You have a genuine cause to ask for leave. But how, do you think, you’d make up the missed lessons?

Jasim : I hope, I’d pick up the missed lessons by having a discussion sitting with my elder sister.

Class-teacher : All right them. You’re granted the short leave as you desire.

Jasim : Thank you very much, sir.
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