Dialogue about future plan after graduation

Imagine, you are Rahman, You are thinking that after graduation you will go in for the BCS examination. If you fail in the BCS examination you will join a private firm. You have some rich relatives who have private firms and you will be in a position to manage a job for you in any of their firms. You meet your friend Kamal who tells you about his anxiety with respect to getting a job after graduation and requests you to help him get a job in a firm of your relatives. This is how both of you plan about your future after graduation. 

Make a dialogue between you and your friend Kamal about your future plan after graduation.

Rahman : How are you, Kamal?

Kamal : Thank you. I am fine. you?

Rahman : I am so so.

Kamal : What is the problem with you?

Rahman : I am worried. Because it is very difficult to find any job after graduation.

Kamal : Yes, I am also anxious like you. What’s your future plan?

Rahman : If I fail in the B.C.S. examination, I will join any private job. I have some rich relatives. They have private firms. I will join there.

Kamal : Will you help me to get a job in your relative’s firm.

Rahman : Yes, of course.

Kamal : Thanks a lot. I will be ever grateful to you if you kindly try for me.

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