Paragraph : Ambition


Ambition is the objective that a man chooses to achieve in life. Everybody must aim at an ambition to give a drive, a motion, a habitation and a meaning to his life. If a man has no sense of direction and of purpose in life he will waste away all his limited time and energy in the weary wilderness of indecision. A man without ambition is like dumb cuttle driven by circumstances from pillar to post. But a man with a fixed ambition has all his thoughts and actions converging upon only one point. From his boyhood, he steers right onward towards his goal. There is no wastage of energy, on dissipation of the mind, no hesitation and no procrastination. The destination is clear and the body and the mind are willing to march ahead without any fear, indecision, doubt and uncertainty. Life is planned and every step of it is measured and calculated. Thus it is ambition that makes a man go forward towards success and enables him to realise his best self.

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