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Imagine, you live in Auckland, New Zeland. One of your bosom friends named Ruma, who lives at 86, Sobani Ghat, Sylhet, is eager to know about your aim in life. Now, send an email to your friend about your aim in life.

To : < ruma @ >
Cc : ...............................................
Bcc : <nitu @ >
Subject : About aim in life.

Dear Ruma,
I have received your email just now, In your email, you have asked me about my aim in life.

Well, I have decided to be a school teacher. Perhaps you will be surprised considering the miserable condition of teachers in our country. But believe me, I am quite serious and sincere about it. Teachers are ill-paid in Bangladesh. Despite this, they are the nation builders and they serve in a dignified section. The students may get the touch of civilization receiving education from teachers. They build up a pure heritage following the lofty idealism of teachers. None but teachers can eradicate illiteracy from the country. My ambition is to play my humble part in this important task. I have firm confidence in my ability. So, I propose to dedicate myself to the service of our tender boys and girls.

Tender my best compliments to your parents and accept my love yourself.

Yours sincerely

Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < nitu @ >

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