Essay : Aim in Life

Aim in Life

↬ Future Plan of Your Life

↬ Your Choice of Profession

↬ Your Future Career to Reach Your Goal

↬ What do you want to be in future

Introduction : A brook wants to get its way to the sea, a ship targets to arrive at the port, a flowering tree aims to bloom flowers and likely every man wants to go through a definite and a disciplined way. This way targets to meet his desire and thus advances to a certain goal for the sake of golden future. This goal is called aim in life. So, the target which a man wants to reach for fulfilling his suit is called his aim in life. 

Difference of aims : A man from his very childhood keeps in his mind various colourful desires for a bright future. As dreams of individuals are different, the aim differs from one another. Usually, aims mean going on to the perfection in the field of occupation. There are various occupations like Medical science, Engineering, Teacher ship, Military, Police etc. 

Selection of aim : Many men many minds and hence different tastes for different persons. Man likes to dream and he wants to see his dream in reality. I also dream for an aim and this is Engineering. I want to be an Engineer in future. 

Why I like it : I think that the modern civilization is the achievement of science and technology. Without technology’s, no nation can make progress in accelerative manner. Our country is poor and still, now it is to go a long way for its rapid overall development. I want to engage myself in the technological development of my country and hence I want to be an Engineer. 

Preparation : I know it very tough to be an Engineer. It requires very brilliant students’ Ordinary students can never imagine being Engineers. So, I have set up my mind that I will study with great concentration. I have to better in all the examination till H.S.C. I shall try my level best to prepare myself fit for Engineering education. 

Dream of aim : Still now I am a high school going student. So, what I think is my dream and I want to materialize this in my future life. I want to get myself as a perfect Engineer and take my profession as an Engineer. As an Engineer I want to devote myself for the sake of my motherland. 

My responsibilities : As an alert national, I know my responsibilities well. If I would be an Engineer, I am to perform a lot of duties and responsibilities. I want to make me successful in my career. I want to enlight my country with technological utilization even in a remote village. I shall try my level best to be sincere and honest in my field. About seventy percent of total development activities of a country is used through Engineers and I want to make right use of it. My wish goes for the rapid infrastructure development of our country so that any development activities may be done nicely. 

Conclusion : I pray to Almighty Allah to make me able with the genius to get myself able to be an Engineer. I am absolutely sincere to my aim and to my future responsibilities for the sake of patriotism.

Same composition collected from another book

‘A future plan’ or ‘An aim’ is a guiding force. It helps us to reach the proper goal of life. So, one must choose an aim in life or future plan of one’s life. A life without an aim or plan is like a boat without it’s rudder. An aimless or plan-less man can never succeed in life.

Generally, people make plans. It depends on individual taste or will. National interest should also be considered in choosing the aim of life. So, I want to be a doctor.

Now, I am an SSC candidate. After passing the examination, I wish to complete the HSC in pre-medical group. Then I shall seek admission to a medical college. When I am a medical graduate, I shall go to my own village to serve my village people.

Most of our villagers are poor and illiterate. They cannot afford money for their health. They are deprived of proper medical treatment. So, I have made up my mind to serve the suffering humanity.

Medical profession is a good profession. It enables a man to earn money easily. Besides, a man loves a doctor with heart and soul. God helps a doctor because a doctor serves the distressed. I shall try my best to materialize my future plan of life.

I shall set up a charitable dispensary in my village for the good of the poor villagers. I must render my service to them. I shall give them medicine and other medical aids at a cheap rate.

In my opinion, a man can offer best service to his country as a doctor. He is the “Life-stone” to the countrymen. So, think my choice or aim in life will be beneficial to me and others as well.

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