Paragraph : My Future Plan

My Future Plan

↬ My Future Plan of Life

↬ Your Future Plan

↬ Your Aim in Life

Every man should have a future plan of life. Without fixing a plan, no man can lead his life to gain success. No wonder, I have also my future plan of life. There are lots of professions in human life. Like is led through working on different jobs and business. Choice of business makes someone determined to gain his establishment. But a man should decide his plan first. I have decided to study medical science to be a doctor. So, I intend to study hard to make good result so that I can get myself admitted into MBBS course. I have a very earnest desire to cut a good figure in all the exams while studying the medical course. I choose the profession of being a doctor because I feel a severe scarcity of doctors for the treatment of our rural people. Whenever I go to my village and see the condition of very poor and helpless people who are suffering from malnutrition and other diseases. I feel that I should be a doctor to help such poor and helpless people. After having MBBS, I shall come back to my village and serve the ailing humanity. I shall take no fee from the poor. If I can earn enough money, I shall set up a charitable dispensary for the treatment of the villagers.

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Everyone should have an aim. There is a proverb that a man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. A rudderless ship drifts on at the mercy of the wind and waves. Similarly, an aimless man is drifted along with the current of life and he reaches no definite destination. An aim is, therefore, something like a compass for the adventure of life. A compass shows the right direction to a person who goes on an adventurous journey. Similarly, the aim in one's life leads one to the right path. There are lots of aims for men and women in our society. Some men, for example, hanker after wealth. some seek power and position, some desire name and fame and some travel in the realm of knowledge. I want to be a doctor in life because. I think I have special fitness for it. I think this is one of the most suitable professions to serve the nation. Another reason behind my choice is that the profession of a doctor is no doubt noble. It is surely a humanitarian career. In our country, more than eighty percent of the people live in the villages. They live in wretched poverty, hunger and diseases. This is an unfortunate situation that should not be allowed to continue. So I feel urge in my mind that it is my sacred duty to do something for the welfare of the poverty-stricken people of my own village. When shall complete medical education and have my degree, I shall go back to my native village and start practising among my own people and try to help them in their illness. There is really a great satisfaction in the service of the sick and the suffering people. By serving such men I shall be able to serve my motherland.

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