Paragraph : An Accident

An Accident

↬ A Terrible Accident

‘Accident’ is an unpleasant event, especially in a vehicle, that happens unexpectedly and causes injury or damage- a car/road/traffic accident. Any accident that takes place on the road is called a road accident. It is a daily occurrence in Bangladesh taking a heavy toll of human lives. Yesterday, I witnessed a very terrible road accident in front of my college. In the accident, an old man died instantly. I was a bit late and hurriedly going to college. Suddenly, I saw that an unruly truck was coming from the left side with high speed. Just then an old man was crossing the road. The man could not hear the horn of the truck. The driver made a hard break but could not stop the truck. It struck directly the old man who fell back on the ground and was run over by the truck. Blood was slickering from his nose and other parts of his body. Immediately, I took him to the hospital with the help of a young man. The doctor declared him dead. The whole day, I was in a pensive mood. I could not forget the scene especially, the time and place of the accident. 
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