Essay : The National Fruit of Bangladesh : Jack-Fruit

The National Fruit of Bangladesh : Jack-Fruit

Introduction : Jack-fruit is our national fruit. It is the biggest fruit of all the fruits. It is a very delicious fruit and almost everyone likes it. This fruit is easily available anywhere in our country.

Where grown : Jack-fruit grow in all the parts of our country. But the relatively high-level soil where rainfall is severe is suitable for Jack-fruit. It grows much as tengu of Tangail, Modhupur, and Vawyalgarh, Jessore, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, and Savar.

Description : Jack-fruit is a very large fruit. It weighs five to forty kg. It has prickly cover and looks yellow to yellow-black. It contains a large number of cells which is yellow in colour. Each cell has a stone. We eat the cell. This cell also gives Juice when it is squeezed. The Jack-fruit tree may be very big. Naturally, Jack-fruit is found in the tree from its top to bottom. It also hangs to the narrow branch. Baishakh to Ashar is the season of Jack-fruit. This fruit takes about three months to ripen.

Fruit value : This fruit is a fruit of high calories. It contains various vitamins, especially vitamin A. Vitamin A is very essential for our eyes. The juice of this fruit is used to make a cake. Its cell with muri is very popular with the rural people. The stone which lies inside the cell is also a very good food. The green jack-fruit is also cooked very nicely. This stone is cooked as a substitute for potatoes. The fried stone is also attractive to us. No part of this is useless. The part which we do not eat is eaten by cattle.

Economic Value : The Jack-fruit is very attractive to foreigners. So we may earn foreign currencies by exporting them. The Jack-fruit tree is also very useful. The wood of this tree is of a very attractive colour and lasts for a long time. This wood is used to make various furniture. The leaves of this tree are also useful. Goats eat the leaves and the leaves are also burnt to cook food.

Conclusion : Jack-fruit is a very useful fruit and the climatic condition of our country is suitable to grow this fruit well. So we should grow more Jack-fruits. We should think for the best possible method to preserve this fruit so that it may be available throughout the year.

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