Essay : First Day at School

First Day at School

Introduction : Human life is full of incidents and experiences. Among these, some of the incidents take place in the core of heart and we recollect at the moment of tranquillity and it makes us nostalgic. My first day at school is included in this class and it makes me passionate even today. This is the day which has made the base of my student life.

The day of thrill and sensation : I was a child of six years. This is why I cannot remember the exact date but the memories. One day my father informed me that I would be admitted into a primary school which is at a stone throw from our house. I had a mixed reaction of thrill and fear. I was taught the ABC at home by my mother. I was scared of the unknown atmosphere of the school. I told my mother about my worries and she encouraged me. At last, the day came and my father took me to school.

Memories of the first day : Passing the gate I entered the school campus. I caught hold of my father’s hand. My face looked pale and I was also sweating even in the cold winter morning. I was taken to the Headmaster’s room and his affectionate conduct relieved my anxieties. He asked me about my identity and the ABC of knowledge. Then he told one of the teachers to take me to the classroom. I got a seat on the second bench. All the faces were unknown to me and I eagerly waited for the first class to start. It was a new sensation for me. At first, a madam entered and started the class. Her behaviour was so motherly that I forgot all worries. One of the students, sitting beside me, talked with me. In a few minutes, we became friends.

The leisure and end of the day : After two periods the leisure period came and many of the students started playing different types of games. But I did not play and passed the leisure with the new friend in gossiping. After two more classes the school broke off for that day and I returned home with my father.

Conclusion : My first day at school is an unforgettable day in my life. This day is ever fresh in my memory. This is the starting day of my student life.

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