Composition : My Last Day at School

My Last Day at School

I cannot forget my last day at school. When I remember the day my mind is filled with sweet and sad feelings at the same time. I had been a student of this school for seven years. So it had been the spring of my early dreams. I felt an unbreakable tie between the school and me. When I think of the last day at school, I feel I am at a loss of how to express myself properly.

It is just one month ago that our Headmaster called us to take our admit cards from his office. Accordingly, we went there at 1:00 p.m. All the examinees, the students of other classes and all the teachers assembled in the hall room. Soon after our Assistant Headmaster took up the admit cards from the table and handed them to the examinees.

Then the Headmaster gave us his blessings in a voice burdened with emotion. He advised us not to get nervous that we should carefully revise our answers and see whether the roll number is put correctly. He emphatically advised us not to take any sort of unfair means. However, all the teachers showered their blessings on us.

Then the turn of the captain of our class came to express our feeling of gratefulness to our teachers. We then went to all the teachers individually to touch their feet in high respect.

The memory of that still cheers and inspires me to prove worthy of the love and trust of my teachers.

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