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HSC Preparation 2022

Paragraph : My First Day at School

My First Day at School

My first day at school is a very important event in my life. I was very happy and excited as I was going to be a student. I was thinking about the school, the teachers, the other students, and everything. My father took me to school. There were many people there but none of them looked friendly. So I felt bored. My father took me to the headmaster who asked me my name, to say some letters. I could answer them all. The headmaster was pleased. He put his hand on my shoulder and praised me a lot. Then he made me acquainted with a teacher who took me to the class. I bade goodbye to my father and went with Mrs Amin. Mrs Amin took me to her class. She welcomed me and gave me a seat in the classroom. I shall never forget such a happy day.

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