Composition : The Sundarbans

The Sundarbans

↬ A Visit to the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is an attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is a beautiful place for tourists to visit. The Sundarbans is famous for its Royal Bengal Tiger Spotted deer and a variety of animals.

I along with my friends made a tour to the Sundarbans. Our school was closed for the summer vacation. We, some friends, undertook a bus journey from Dhaka to Khulna and then a river journey from Khulna to the Sundarbans by steamer.

The Sundarbans spreads covering an area of around 6,000 sq. kilometres of the coastal belt of Khulna Division. It is only through a steamer, one can enjoy the best its natural beauties and sights. As we reached Hiron Point at Nilkamal, we were thrilled to see a Royal Bengal Tiger. I was simply amazed to see the tiger in its majesty and magnificient. From there, we went to Katka and Tinkona island. There we saw monkeys, crocodiles and some rare species of animals.

We also went to Dublar Char. There, we could see spotted deer grazing in herds. We also saw estuarine crocodile near Tinkona.

The Sundarbans has a bewildering variety of wild life. Besides, it has a beautiful landscape view from the river. As a mangrove forest, it has gained worldwide attention. UNESCO has declared the Sundarbans as the 53rd World Heritage Site in the world. A new place is a new experience. By visiting the Sundarbans, I gathered a new experience. Our visit to the Sundarbans was a unique one. It enhanced our existing learning and broadened our mental horizons.

Naturally, the Sundarbans is a great blessing for us. But due to environmental imbalance, it is losing its beauty. Government besides other organizations should come forward to save the world's biggest mangrove forest. Public awareness should be increased. If we neglect, we have to suffer in the near future. Our environmental balance will fall under a great threat. Our aim should be to preserve for the generation next.
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